Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This years picking....

This summer has been brutally HOT, wouldn't be North Carolina if it wasn't.  But some veggies are growing which I am grateful for.  It is always nice to pick your own and know that there are no chemicals used at all to grow them.  This year I am growing produce in two areas, one behind the house (seen below) and the other in the garden area.  As you can see the ones by the house are doing quite well.
Oh that is also a new screened in porch we had built this spring and has been a well spent investment.  We have never eaten outside as much as we do now.

Here I am growing the following:  Jalapenos, Bell, Anahiem and Hot Cherry Peppers.  Brandywine, Roma, Large Cherry and Yellow Tomatoes.  Oh don't forget the Tomatilla's, they have taken over but this is the first time I am growing them so I had no idea what to expect.  They make a very delicious Salsa Verde.  Although I am disappointed the seed packet said purple tomatilla and I haven't seen one.



I will have to take pictures of the back garden area for another post.

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